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While many cultures have traditionally used recycled textiles, CLAUDIA MILLS STUDIO designs rag rugs in a fresh palette of colors and new fabrics, updating the age-old technique to create contemporary rugs for today’s living and working spaces.


Working in a small production setting, CLAUDIA MILLS STUDIO designs and manufacturers one-of-a-kind handwoven pieces that are unique in today’s textile market of global mass manufacturing. Claudia offers a retail line of individual designs and custom, site-specific rugs. While the rugs have a contemporary, vibrant feel, they retain the texture and warmth of traditional rag rugs.


My first priority is to create a well-designed piece, a functioning floor covering that is both beautiful and durable. 


In college, after exploring every course the art department offered, I landed in the weaving studio. I found weaving’s combination of mathematical rigor and tactile diversity irresistible. Building on my childhood fascination with designing clothes using novelty fabrics, I began weaving with large bright prints, lurex, ripstop nylon and plaids. This exploration led to my first rag rugs in 1985.


I have now been weaving rugs for over three decades, adapting the traditional rag rug craft to my own contemporary aesthetic. As a designer I try to strike a balance between color and textural effects. Inspiration comes in many forms but foremost is the fabric itself.

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