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Custom Rugs

CLAUDIA MILLS CUSTOM rugs accommodate any width and length combination.

Rugs are woven on 5’ looms, accommodating all sizes and colors. Rugs wider than 5’ are designed and woven in sections and seamed together. Our looms are capable of weaving lengths up to 60’. A separate warp is set up for each CLAUDIA MILLS CUSTOM rug; these can be adapted from rugs already in our retail line or designed for any specific area using colors of your choice. Weft colors include over 120 stock colors and assorted leathers. ​Cotton rugs up to a certain size can be machine-washed.


Material: 100% COTTON or LEATHER


custome rus

living room rug 6 'x 8'

100% Cotton, log cabin style weaving

colorful rugs

Kitchen Runner 2’x8' 

100% cotton, log cabin style weaving


$90/sq ft.

​All custom projects are charged a non-refundable design fee of $150, which is applied to the final cost of the rug. The fee covers the cost of a site visit, when possible, and color renderings of designs to scale with fabric and yarn samples. Woven samples/strike-off’s are available for an additional charge. On approval of the final design, a 50% deposit is required, with the balance due on delivery of the rug. The client will pay shipping and insurance costs.


Please email or call the studio to discuss your specific project. 

(215) 806-7514 ::


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